Sunday, 20 March 2016

Reduce the Cost of Your Building Project with Donor Bricks

Whether your company or organization needs to put in a new walkway, construct a new building or put up a memorial, it can be surprising just how expensive such a project is to complete. To make project costs a bit more bearable, especially for non-profit organization donor bricks can make a huge difference.

What are Donor Bricks?
Donor bricks are bricks that are engraved to have the name of the donor person or organization on them. They're a form of recognition in exchange for someone giving money to your organization to help with the project. They're used in the project itself or in a small side project located near the building so that donors can see them and feel proud about their contribution.
How Can You Use them Best?
The best way to use donor bricks is to involve them in your construction project in some way and to include them on a public section of the project. That could mean adding them to the paved path in front of the building, using them on a prominent wall of the building, or building the entire project out of donor bricks if possible. 

You want to make it clear how the bricks will be placed in your project, and also be careful to price them at a level that most people will be interested in. Make a minimum donation level available to obtain a single brick, but don't cap the donation amount so some investors will donate even more. 

Consider a Tiered Approach
While a simple flat fee per brick for donors is simple for everyone to understand, it isn't the most profitable way to bring in donations to your cause. It's often better to set up a series of tiers that donors can buy into. Structure the bricks so that the biggest donors have names displayed most prominently and the smaller donors are farther away from where people will be walking. Show off brick position and explain the different price levels when detailing the program. By doing this you encourage donors to pay more than the minimum for a more prominent spot and you increase the overall value of your bricks in general. More ideas can be gathered here.

Buying Your Bricks
After you have the whole program worked out and donors have ordered bricks to be used on your project, talk with several different companies to find out which is going to give you the best deal on engraved bricks in the proper dimensions for your project. Order all the bricks that you need along with the engraved messages to be put on them and make sure they arrive before major construction begins. 
Something as simple as a wall of bricks might be all that you need to pay for your latest construction project, and even if the recognition bricks aren't enough to cover the entire cost, they may be enough to seriously lower your needed investment. Either way you'll enjoy a more affordable project and give donors something to feel good about in the process.